Our Program Consists of Four Clinics, held over 21 days addressing:

* Nicotine dependence

* Smoking habits

* Desire to smoke

Four follow-ups after the quit date

Cost reimbursed by most health benefit plans

Assurance Program

If you relapse anytime during the five year period following the quit date, you may participate in future Clinics at no charge.

Corporate Program
Clinics are conducted by registered psychologists. Smoke-Free Canada Clinics empowers employees to stop smoking. Just as the smoker learned to smoke, now they must learn to quit. Our clinic focuses on three areas; the nicotine dependence (physiological), secondly, the smoking habits and thirdly, the desire to smoke (psychological).

We do NOT use any gimmicks, lasers, hypnosis or acupuncture. Cognitive and behavioural methods are utilized in the 21 day program to reduce nicotine dependence, break habits, and eliminate the desire to smoke. Clinical studies conclude that long-term abstinence is enhanced by the use of the drug, Bupropion SR, or pharmacotherapies as nicotine gum and the nicotine patch. The family doctor or pharmacist may recommend their use in conjunction with our practical counselling program.

Nicotine dependence is reduced gradually over a 21 day period to ease the withdrawal symptoms on quit day.

There are four weekly sessions where the smoker receives lessons and is given assignments to identify, frustrate, confuse and break their smoking habits.

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Similarly the smoker uses self-evaluation to determine why they smoke and develops a series of personal reasons why they want to stop smoking. Lessons and exercises identify their specific smoking triggers and their smoking patterns. Proven techniques are applied by the smoker to overcome and eliminate their desire to smoke.

Four sessions (one per week), each lasting about one hour includes group lessons, group discussions, with individual assignments. After the group session, participants have the opportunity to discuss their personal situation and receive one-on-one counselling from the psychologist. There are opportunities to buddy with fellow smokers to act as a solid support mechanism. Each smoker is given the business card of a support person from Smoke-Free Canada Clinics and encouraged to call whenever questions arise.

When necessary, the Psychologist will conduct one-on-one clinics.

The cost is $349.00 per employee which covers the four counselling sessions and Clinic supplies. The group format is used and following the general session participants may receive one-on one counselling. One-on-one sessions can be provided at an additional cost.
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Addiction free employees are better able to focus on their duties with increased performance, concentration and productivity.

A more healthful workplace. The health wellness and overall care of your staff is the best investment you can make.

Improved employee relationships. When your employees see you care, they will support your overall efforts.

Lower maintenance costs. Smoke in the environment results in higher cleaning costs of the workplace and high tech equipment.

A better corporate image. Employees are not standing in public view having a cigarette break.

Life/health insurance costs are lowered.

Quick return on investment.